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About me and my soaps


Soap Solution About Me

Me in my favorite place - Alps.  A lot of my soap inspiration comes from the mountains.  They are fascinating and ever changing.  

Hi there, my name is Barbara Tietz and I am a Polish American mother of two living in Germany.  This website is written in English and you can translate it by choosing the  language of your choice in the menu bar.  Please keep in mind that this translation is done by a computer program. 

I started making soap one day when my Aleppo soap came to an end and I did not know where to get another one.  As I was taking a bath and seeing my Aleppo soap disappear, I remembered that my best friend had made a few soaps.  I called her, we had a nice chat, and on that day, I decided to try.  After acquiring all the equipment and supplies I made my very first soap with the help of my parents, both experienced chemists.  I have not stopped since. 

Later, I found out that I was stepping in my grandfather’s footsteps because as it turned out, he supported the family with soap making during the war.   My soaps are different, though.  I like to make pictures using different colors and techniques.  Each picture soap starts with a drawing that is then carefully cut into pieces on the computer using various programs and turned into scrapers thanks to my 3D printer.   Some soaps require 3 scrapers, some 15 or more, which is the main explanation for the different pricing. 

About the Soaps

All my soaps are made with carefully considered oils, fats, and butters as well as nourishing milks.   I have extensively researched different oils and came up with a combination of fatty acids that is gentle on the skin and at the same time does the job – cleaning.  All my soaps have a super-fat of 10%.  This means that 10% of oils did not saponify (did not turn into soap) and instead they moisturize your hands and will not dry them out. 

Each bar of soap weighs around 105 to 120 g when freshly cut.  Due to the nature of soap, the weight may vary as the soap cures.  The older the soap, the better it gets, but it might weigh less.  Also, if you want your bar to last longer, please keep it dry and in a ventilated area. 


Custom Soap

I love a challenge, so if you need a custom-made soap, with a logo, or a special picture, please feel free to contact me.  I am always open to new ideas and designs.